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What is UpdateHub?

UpdateHub is an enterprise-grade solution that makes it simple to remotely update all your embedded devices in the field. It handles all aspects related to sending Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates with maximum security and efficiency, making your project the center of your attention.

Supported Platforms

To maximize the diversity of projects which can benefit from UpdateHub use, we provide support for Yocto Project™ and Zephyr Project™ based devices, encompassing Linux and RTOS based devices.

Basic Concepts

There are a few basic concepts that are important to understand the UpdateHub. Those basic concepts are detailed below:

  • Product: is the base that connects everything together through the UpdateHub. Essentially the Product includes one or multiple Devices, and for each of them, there is a Package version that may be updated using a Rollout.
  • Device: it represents your physical device. It has multiple characteristics that are tracked on the management platform, as such: hardware type, unique identifier, runtime attributes, and more.
  • Package: encompasses a software version, including the filesystem image, bootloader, or any other objects.
  • Rollout: it is essentially a deployment plan. It can be simple as "send version 2.0 for all devices" or a more complex plan, selecting specific filters and enforcing a gradual deployment across the devices in the field.
  • Rollback: this allows to roll back to the previous working version if a new version has critical errors, ensuring that the device will continue to function after the upgrade.


The UpdateHub has a rich feature set. On the management platform side it offers support for:

  • Single and team managed products
  • 2-click rollout creation for fast deployment across all your devices
  • Multi-step rollout support for finner control about the rollout process across your devices (e.g: lab, alpha testers, production)
  • HTTP API to control the system remotely

The support provided by the UpdateHub for the device includes:

  • Support for multiple Yocto Project™ and Zephyr Project™ versions
  • Bootloader upgrade support (U-Boot and GRUB)
  • Flash support (NAND, NOR)
  • UBIFS support
  • Update package signature validation for security
  • Automated rollback in case of update fail
  • Conditional installation (content, version, and custom pattern support)
  • Callback support for every update step
  • HTTP API to control and inquiry the local agent

UpdateHub Server Editions

UpdateHub Server is available in two editions:

  • UpdateHub Community Edition: is ideal for individual developers and small teams looking to get started with UpdateHub and experimenting with Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates.
  • UpdateHub Cloud: is designed for enterprise development and IT teams who need an end-to-end solution to build and ship Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates with maximum security and efficiency at any scale.

UpdateHub Cloud

UpdateHub Cloud have a rich but simple interface with all the tools required to:

  • Create and operate your own Products
  • Access Products from organizations
  • Check when new Packages are available for updates
  • Oversee a fleet of Devices on the field
  • Deploy updates via an Over-The-Air system running the Rollouts

In essence the UpdateHub Cloud allows oversight over the whole UpdateHub platform and operations, making it easy to manage any need that you might have.

Comparasion Table

See the comparison table below to help you to choose which version fits your need:

Feature UpdateHub CE UpdateHub Cloud
Secure communication (HTTPS, CoAP over DTLS)
Signed packages
Large scale rollouts
Multiple organizations
Fully monitored updates
Package upload
Multiple products
Advanced device filter
Multiple users