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What is UpdateHub?

UpdateHub is a tool that turns all of the firmware process easy and secure. It runs all tasks involved in the updating execution and allows the user to set the behavior of activity flow. The UpdateHub also allows the user to check and manage his device’s fleet in a unique location.

Which versions are available?

UpdateHub has two flavors: Open Source and Cloud. The tool is made of two parts: an agent (internal in devices) and a server. The UpdateHub Agent is the same in both versions, but the server on the Open Source version is hosted by the user, while UpdateHub Cloud is hosted in a dedicated, secure cloud server.

The use of UpdateHub is free?

The Open Source version is totally free forever. The Cloud version allows registering up to 5 free devices.

How do I use it?

The installing and use processes are described in detail in our tutorial Quick starting with Raspberry Pi 3.

Which operational systems supported it?

The UpdateHub works with Yocto Project Embedded Linux and Zephyr Project-based devices.

The UpdateHub can update the applications in the device?

No. The UpdateHub deals with the updates in an atomic way, to reduce the risk of errors and simplify the Quality Assurance process which every update package usually goes through during the product development cycle.


Why does the Rollout process appear unfinished?

It happens because the process continues allowing new Devices to the existing Rollout. It's also important to cover the cases where manufacturing happens without network connectivity and the adding Devices occurs later. That is the reason why UpdateHub works on, how we call, an infinite Rollout.

The UpdateHub uses which connections type to update the device?

The UpdateHub Agent in Linux uses HTTPS to connect to Cloud, or in the case of Zephyr, the connection is made through CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol).

How to access my Product UID?

The Product UID is your Product’s unique identifier and is essential to UpdateHub works. It’s shown when the Product was created, but also can be consulted in Dashboard, in the Product page clicking on the icon of Product.

How do I know my RSA key?

The RSA key is available just in creation, so if you lost this, you must create a new key (and save the key in a secure local).

A Rollout configured to cover all Devices will cover even the Devices connected to the platform after the Rollout created?

Yes. That’s why UpdateHub never finishes a Rollout and even if new Devices are connected it can “join” the live Rollout if the filter matches.

Why does my Rollout does not reach 100%?

It happens when Devices are not updated because of external factors as network failure, or when its next probe time has not been reached yet.

What’s the Fault Tolerance in the Rollout settings?

This rate allows the Rollout process to fail on some Devices, and if the rate is exceeded the Rollout process is interrupted, keeping the devices that have successfully completed updated, but not continuing for those the Devices are still pending.


How is UpdateHub charged?

UpdateHub billing is metered depending on the resources used during the period. We prepared an Account Explained at the menu Pricing. Check it out! It’s also possible to estimate these costs by the UpdateHub Calculator.

Is it possible to get an estimate before starting to use it?

Sure. You can estimate your monthly billing using the UpdateHub Calculator or by contacting our team directly by form contact form.

How do I estimate the cost using the Calculator?

On Pricing, go to Estimate your costs bottom and select the number of devices that will be activated. In the left menu, firstly you’ll choose how many devices you would like to update. Then, choose the update size and how many update rollouts you will do. Lastly, by selecting the percentage of devices included for each update rollout, you will get the Devices and Rollout billing estimate.

The billing is different from that estimated. What happened?

The UpdateHub Calculator considers the main fees charged on UpdateHub to generate an estimative. It doesn’t mean that all fees will be covered every time or with the same value. For example, if Devices are already activated, the activation fee won't be charged. As well as the percentage of devices included in a Rollout update may be less than 100%.

What Activation fee cover? Is it charged monthly?

The activation fee will be charged only when a device is activated. But take care, if you deactivate a device and activate it after billing, so its activation fee will be charged again. But, if you disable one device and activate it in the same month, the fee will be charged just one time.

I'm using UpdateHub Cloud on 5 devices, but I need to add a new one. How to upgrade my account?

In your Dashboard, access the Billing by clicking on the account icon on the top right, and later click on Unlock unlimited usage. Just fill the field and, your account now is premium.