The UpdateHub has a rich features set. On the management platform side, it offers support for:

  • Single and team managed products
  • 2-click rollout creation for fast deployment across all your devices
  • Multi-step rollout support for finner control about the rollout process across your devices (e.g: lab, alpha testers, production)
  • HTTP API to control the system externally

The support provided by the UpdateHub for the device includes:

  • Support for multiple Yocto Project versions
  • Bootloader upgrade support (U-Boot and GRUB)
  • Flash support (NAND, NOR)
  • UBIFS support
  • Automated rollback in case of update fail
  • Conditional installation (content, version and custom pattern support)
  • Callback support for every update step
  • HTTP API to control and inquiry the local agent

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