Integrating onto a existing product

To include the UpdateHub together with your Yocto Project build, you need to choose the BSP integration layer you need, and add it to project configuration. You can easily do that using the bitbake-layers utility:

$: bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch meta-updatehub-<bsp> -b rocko

For example, if you wish to integrate the UpdateHub into a project using a Raspberry Pi3 or a BeagleBone Black board, you can do it very easily as in the next two examples.

For Raspberry Pi3, you can do that using:

$: bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch meta-updatehub-raspberrypi -b rocko

And for BeagleBone Black, you can use:

$: bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch meta-updatehub-ti -b rocko

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