Pushing an update package

In order to test the UpdateHub fast and completely, it's provided the minimal image option, so it's possible to comprehend the UpdateHub before a complete integration with your project. You can generate this minimal image using the updatehub-image-minimal image, in bitbake as:

$: bitbake updatehub-image-minimal

To integrate the UpdateHub in your image, you need to inherit the updatehub-image class. Therefore you should insert in the project image recipe the subsequent line inherit updatehub-image.

That will provide you three new BitBake tasks:

  • uhuarchive: allows you to export an update package for local usage. This is used when deploying the updates using a flash drive or during development where you can use the simple local server to test the update packages.

  • uhupush: sends the update package to the UpdateHub management server.

As for the situations you need to export an update package for local usage without the internet connection, there is the option to do it by flash drive or local server. To do so use the following command line:

$: bitbake <image> -c uhuarchive

The generation of an update package is very simple. After the integration of the UpdateHub with your Yocto Project build is complete, the bitbake tool can be used to generate and upload the update package. The following command does all the needed work in order to push the packages to the UpdateHub management server:

$: bitbake <image> -c uhupush

After running this, the UpdateHub management server will display that there is a new Package to update the Devices and you may start a Rollout through the dashboard.

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