Create a product

To create a new Product you have to access the UpdateHub interface through the internet browser. Once you enter the UpdateHub just follow the steps to generate a new Product as you can find them here.

After the Product has been created a Unique Identifier Number is generated to identify it. This number, should be added to your build in order to allow the UpdateHub agent, which runs inside the target device, to communicate with the UpdateHub management server.

For convenience, you can add the UPDATEHUB_PRODUCT_UID to your conf/local.conf configuration file when prototyping. However, as this is a information that will be permanent for the whole product life cycle, it should be put inside your distribution configuration file, or image recipe.

The UPDATEHUB_PRODUCT_UID will be shown to you when you create your product inside the management server. It will look as:

UPDATEHUB_PRODUCT_UID = "05344b71c3e9f8..."

In case you didn't copy the Product Unique Identifier Number in the moment that you create it on the UpdateHub dashboard don't worry. To get access to this information again you must click on the Product icon and the Unique Identifier Number will be shown to you.

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