Rollout Details

The UpdateHub also gives all the information with the details of each specific Rollout, allowing a complete overview of the individual process. Among the information displayed inside the Rollout Details you will find:

  • Version: The version of Rollout that the Device will receive.
  • Creation Date: The date that the Rollout was created.
  • Tasks: This area shows the each task that is part of the Rollout. Each task includes a number of information, such as:
    • Number of Devices: All the Devices available for the Rollout, including the number of process concluded, failed, and remaining in one or various tasks are displayed here.
    • Fault tolerance: that's the percentage limit of failures which can occur during the Rollout until the UpdateHub aborts the running rollout process, including any pending tasks.
  • Play/Pause Rollout: Whenever the user wants to play or pause the Rollout the option is available, unless the process is aborted or the user chooses to archive it.
  • Archive the Rollout: Once the rollout is not necessary anymore it can be archived and stopped definitely.

rollout details

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