Advanced Rollout

Whenever you need more control over the Rollout of a several Devices at once use the option Advanced Mode.

Follow the steps ahead:

  • Fist click on Create a New Rollout
  • When the window shows up to select the Rollout version click on Advanced Mode
  • A Task will be automatically generated
  • Use the filters offered by the updatehub
  • Indicate Fault Tolerance percentage
  • Filter Devices by their:
    • Version
    • Hardware
    • Device Identifier (e.g: the MAC address)
    • Device Attributes (e.g: kernel version, device total memory)
  • With multiple Tasks define the policy to begin new update processes by setting the starting point when a selected percentage of it is reached and the user can set if it must begin automatically or manually
  • Save the Rollout to start later or Save and Start it immediately

create rollout advanced

It is important to bear in mind that you can create as many Tasks as possible as long there is Devices available for the Rollout and choose names for each individual Task in order to organize and identify them.

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