Package List

The Packages page, in the same fashion of the Devices page, exhibit a list with information about the packages inside a specific Product the user selected, such as:

  • Package Unique Identifier (UID)
  • Version
  • Supported hardware list
  • Status
  • Size
  • Upload date

Each one of these items help the user find a specific package. To filter more efficiently the packages you can select and associate them by the following items during the search:

  • Status of each package can be found depending on the situation for the Rollout
    • Available: the package is ready to be downloaded
    • Upload in Progress: package during the uploaded process
    • Removed: packages that were removed from the packages list
    • Pending Progress: packages being checked by the server
    • Packages with Error: packages that failed the system checksum
  • Version for the package
  • Supported hardware

packages list

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