In addition to the Access Key created for the user to work individually, the UpdateHub grants the possibility of more than one user to have acess to the same Product.

Create an Organization is simple, as you just need to click on the + Create Organization button and select a name for it. You will be automatically be set as Owner. After the creation of an Organization invitations for new members can be easily sent. The invite must contain the user's e-mail and the level of access allowed to him.


There are three users access levels inside the Organization, each one with a particular set of permissions:

  • Owner - has all the permissions to normally create products, start rollouts and invite other members for the Organization;
  • Release Manager - limited to manage the rollouts;
  • Developer - has the permission to only create the packages.

Each Organization will display a list with all of its members, showing their name, e-mail address, access level of permission, and a list with all the pending invites waiting to be answered.

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