Device Details

The Device Details page provides you access to detailed information about a specific Device such as:

  • The Unique Identifier (UID)
  • The device identity values (e.g. MAC* address, CPU serial number or other)
  • Current installed package version
  • Hardware model
  • Device state (enabled or disabled)
  • Device attributes

Besides the device information, the Rollout history of the device allow an easy access to the current and previous device's update status, such as duration, logs about errors and date of the events.

device details

During a normal situation the device Rollout will be displayed showing the moment that started, going through all the process until the point that is finished, like in the image below:

device finished

In the case of some kind of problem happens during the update process, the UpdateHub will provide a visual feedback of the moment it occured. To examine the failure you need to select See Device Log.

device installation

This data about the device ensures the user has all information needed for any upcoming situation, being capable of manage his devices within the entire Product lifetime.

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